Canon In D(nb) REMASTERED!

2010-12-22 06:15:41 by ranter

So i remastered it so it should sound better now. But i'd still like to hear some opinions on how to improve it though!

And if you'd like to use it for anything than that would be awesome just tell me!

Fruity Loops...

2010-10-15 07:51:15 by ranter

Yes so as you may have hear my songs are mostly Fruity loops (the hiphop songs are Magix).

And the thing about FL9 is that you can always hear that a song was made by FL is there any way to master it completely or is there some free online tutorial where they explain how to make it sound more proffesional ?

Don't get me wrong FL is a great way to make music simple but if i can get the money together for reason i'd certainly do it!

Computer Virus!!!!

2010-09-14 18:27:00 by ranter

My computer chrashed wich is my dream machine, Anyways that's where i make my music on and i got rid of the virus but my desktop can't seem to be repaired so i need a Windows Vista 64bit version of it so i can repair it!

If anyone knows where to get it please tell!!! :D